Buyer or a borrower?

Do you buy or borrow books? If you buy, where from? Independent or chain bookshops? The supermarket? Online? If you borrow, is it from friends or the library?

Personally, I buy books off Amazon, but occasionally some will fall into the supermarket trolley. I've not used a library recreationally in years!

How about you? Are you a book buyer, borrower, or both?


  1. I'm a buyer...a mix from my local Indie bookshop and the big chains. But now when I go back to school I am going to start heading to the Library frequently because my budget cannot afford all the books I need to read.

    I've even started to do the e-book thing but find I miss the feel of the pages in my hands.

  2. I'm a buyer, usually Amazon.
    I borrow the occasional book, but i always feel under pressure to give it back quickly.

    I'm a lender as well. I love giving books to people, but i hate it when i dont get it back or they just leave it on the shelf and dont read it. /endrant

  3. I used to buy books from all kinds of places, but mostly Amazon since it's cheapest. Now that I'm broke and work in a library, I usually just borrow everything. I can keep books for a very long time and if my library doesn't own it, then I can it through interlibrary loan. I typically buy my school books, though, because I like to mark them up.

  4. I tend to buy mine from amazon marketplace. Much cheaper than anywhere else - most of the time anyway!

  5. Buyer. Generally in a chain bookstore (I work in one - good discount on books!) I HAVE bought a book or two online, but generally I don't. I don't borrow either. I like to keep the books. And I like getting them for free too (for keeps of course!) =]

  6. I like to buy books; from small book stores, to online, to chain bookstores. I'm addicted and have to have. But now, if I don't like it after a while, I'll donate it to the library.

    I'm a lender too. I like to get people to love reading as much as me. Which means I have to loan out my stash. I don't mind, as long as I get it back. Which I'm still missing one book and honestly can't remember who I loaned it out to.

  7. I used to buy lots of books and then I became credit crunched and recently discovered my library, now I borrow everything!

  8. I'm a bit of both thats for sure - I try and buy second hand where possible because I read so fast it's often not worth paying out full whack for a book - unless it's one I desperately want or know I will read it multiple times (like Harry Potter or Twilight).

    I have borrowed books from my friends but it's a little restrictive on choice as alot of my friends don't read as many books as I do (So I tend to be a bit of a library lol)

  9. Mostly buyers then!

    I also hate it when you lend a book to someone and it takes either FOREVER to get it back, or you never see it again. Grr at those people!



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