Audio Books

I'm not a fan of audio books, although I was going to give the first Gossip Girl book a whiz on audio because it was included with Season 1 of the TV show... until I discovered it was abridged - grrrr!

Personally, I prefer to read books than listen to them. I remember as a child I had these Disney audio tapes and I would *always* read the book along with the tape. I like reading the action for myself and being active with my stories.

What does everyone else feel about audio books? Love them or hate them?


  1. Mostly love them. I *never* listen to abridged books; they should be banned.

    Some nonfiction doesn't do well on audio. Some wonderful literary fiction is best read in dead tree form. However, I listen to tons of books on audio a year and couldn't live without it.

  2. Not a fan of them. i'm too easily distracted - i can barely watch tv without doing something else, i wouldn't pay attention to an audio book. i kinda liked them when i was a kid though; i remember me and my sis listened to "are you there god? it's me, margaret" over and over again.

  3. The only time I like to listen to an audio book is when I am on a long driving trip where I have nothing else to do. Other then that, I prefer to have the book in my hand. Makes it more personal for me.

  4. I can't do audio books, my brain wanders too much to pay attention. In school I HATED when we would read aloud because I would miss so much. Just give me the book, because I love to read.

  5. I'm with Paula there. I am so easily distracted when listening to audio books, that halfway I stop paying attention.

    I find it to be boring.

    Maybe I haven't found the right audio book, but each time I listen to it, I feel I'm being tortured, slightly.

  6. I've never tried. I've listened to previews but the voices always kill me.

    Can someone please fill me in on what abridged vs. unabridged is?


  7. @ Beth F - Okay, so that's a mark FOR audio books! I defintely agree abridged books should be banned, audio or otherwise!

    @ Paula - I was too distracted trying to listen the GG audio book - I lasted about ten minutes.

    @ Pam - I can see the sense in listening on long driving trips, but I much prefer to sing along LOUDLY (and badly) to music on my road trips! ;p

    @ Erin - Defintely agree with hating the read out aloud at school - I always used to skip ahead. Plus, it's much quicker for me to read, than what it takes to listen to a book.

    @ Liza - I know the feeling!

    @ Hope - Abridged means it's not the full version - someone has editied it down. Unabridged means it's the full version.

  8. Can I elaborate because I'm the only positive voice?

    I read for a living, I love to read. But by night, my eyes are tired and audio lets me read more than would otherwise.

    I listen while taking my daily walk, while making dinner, while cleaning up from dinner, when in the car, when working in the garden.

    The trick is to find narrators you like and to choose books carefully. Mysteries, fantasies, YA are great on audio.

  9. I've given audio books a few tries, but I just don't enjoy listening to them. Plus, they are so expensive.

  10. If it's someone good reading it, a good actor who does all the different voices and everything, I have to say I kind of love them. Although I really hate the abridged-ness, what are they thinking?!

  11. I am a HUGE fan of audio books! That said, I can't stand the abridged version.

  12. I've never listened to a proper adult audio book, the last one I listened to was Cinderella (Disney) on an old LP. Years ago, obviously...

  13. Time for a reality check: reading is different than listening. At least for every sighted person I've encountered. The complaints I hear stem from people who are trying to LISTEN the same way that they READ. With few exceptions, this won't work.

    I didn't listen to my first audiobook until I was in my mid-30s. I'd tried previously and failed. Why? Because I was trying to listen in the same environment I previously had read.

    This time, I was driving across the desert and happened to have a good audiobook (Ender's Game) that a friend had lent me.

    It worked. No way I can read driving (yes, I've tried. Don't recommend it), but I can listen to an audiobook when driving.

    I can also listen to an audiobook when I'm washing the dishes, jogging, working out, cleaning the house. Think of how hard it would be to read during each of those activities.

    But I will concede that some people just can't listen. That's OK. But if you have only ever tried listening in the same environment as where you would normally read, I highly encourage you to try again.


  14. @ Beth - They are defintely vaild reasons! For things like daily tasks, I personally listen to music then.

    @ Ashley - I actually have no idea how much they cost. Is it much more?

    @ Daisy - I defintely don't understand abridging books!

    @ J. Kaye Oldner - Excellent, that's someone else for audio books - I think Beth will be pleased to hear she has a supporter! :0)

    @ Miss Em - Wow, audio LPS! I am impressed! :p Cinderella as well, awesome choice! :D

    @ Evo Terra - Another FOR! :0) As it stands in my life for chores and long car trips, music always wins out. But, that might change at some point! :0)

  15. I must admit I'm weird about audiobooks. I'll only listen to those books that I've actually read and completely loved and they must, must be unabridged. I know, I'm strange.

  16. Each to their own, Michele! :0) But, I *defintely* agree with the unabridged part.