Getting Personal

The first thing I like to do when reading a new author is to have a squint at their author blurb to nosey into their life. You can read look at my Blogger Profile to learn my favourite books and movies, but I thought I'd open the blog up (à la other fabbity blogs) and let you ask me any questions you've been itching to ask.

So, ask away! x


  1. I'm going to be greedy and ask two questions - hope that's okay!

    1)If you could live anywhere in the world (money was no object) where would you live?

    2)If you could eradicate the earth of one celebrity that really annoyed you, who would you choose and why?

  2. I'll play!

    Expanding on Paula's questions in a literary way! :D

    If you could rid the world of three books so no one would ever had to read them again, which books would receive the ultimate shredder fate?

    Who is your least favorite author of all time?

  3. Paula! Liza! They are tough!!! Are you sure you wouldn't prefer my favourite ice cream flavour?! (Ben & Jerry's Phish Food and Häagen-Dazs Bailey's if shop-bought. Mint choc chip from Janettas if I'm in The Bubble.)

    I will be answering your questions next weekend once I have more questions in. Thanks for the (difficult!!) questions! :0)

  4. You are gorgeous! Love the dress you are wearing in your right hand pic!
    If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be????

  5. Aww you look lovely!

    What was the first story you ever wrote about?

  6. I think your story about Geli is cool!

    What gave you the inspiration for it?

  7. Ooh more questions (and compliments!) - thank you!

    Anyone else got any q's? You've still got plenty of time to ask me some - I'll be answering them at the weekend. :0)